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USA Pit Bull Rescue
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Available for Adoption

The following dogs are available for adoption to approved adoptive homes.  Please see the adoption link for information on how to adopt.

Jade is waiting for her Furever Home






6 months (12/06)


Med / 45 lbs.


Yes Larger than 45 lbs





Crate trained:




Leash Manners:

Working on pulling

Best Trick:

You start to howl and she will sing with you





Activity Level:



Atlanta Georgia

Jade is a very sweet girl rescued in the nick of time before being
euthanized. A lot of her friends didn't make it. She rides great and loves children.  Jade is a shy girl toward strangers.  Very submissive to new dogs in her presence.  Give her some time and she will warm up to you.  She is very playful and loves to be with you.  Don't turn around fast because you will trip over her.  No privacy in the bathroom. She wants to join you.  Loves to cuddle with you wherever you are.  Working on commands at this time.  She is not food aggressive and a picky eater.  Very skinny at this time but working on gaining weight.  Loves toys especially the tied ropes.  Loves to  take walks. 

Sooo....If you are ready for lots of playtime, love and
kisses, put in your application today

4 yrs old needs a foster or adoptive home

Justice learning to play


Name: Justice  (Infinite Justice)
Breed:  American Bulldog
Sex:   Male
Color: White with Brown Spots
Size:  Med
Weight:  55
Estimated Age: 3 yrs
Crate Trained: Working on
Housetrained: Working on
Cats: Yes
Dogs: All dogs
Kids: Yes
Livestock: Not sure
Likes: Loves to be with people and take walks  
Pet-Peeves:  Can’t find any
Favorite Toy: Learning to play with toys
Favorite Food: Kibble
Favorite Walk: Anywhere
Best Tricks: Learning tricks
Activity Level: Med to High

Justice was a cruelty case taken from his people for starving him.  He was skin and bones when taken to the shelter.  He doesn’t look like the same dog.  Justice is a great boy and will make anyone a wonderful pet.  He isn’t a jumper and walks good on leash.  He has a BEAUTIFUL  face and is very loving.  He likes to run and play and be with his people.  If you are ready for a lover and maybe some fun days at the lake or beach, put in an application today!  

Location:  Jacksonville, NC

Preacher needs a new foster home

Housetrained Cratetrained
Cats and dogs children ok

Name: Preacher
Breed: Pitbull
Sex: Male
Age: aprox. 2yrs
Size: Med
Weight: 62lb.s
Dogs: yes
Cats: chases them but wont harm them
Kids: Yes
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Birds: Unsure
Livestock: Unsure
Tricks: sit, stay, heel, down, walk nice, take nice
Likes: to run, chew on raw-hides, lay in the sun after a good long walk, belly rubs
Dislikes: BATHS!!!!, walking on gravel
Activity Level: Med to low-- He will go for a walk (30-40min) or have a good run but he's lazy the rest of the day

Preacher is an adult male Pit Bull that was found on the side of the road after being thrown out with his sibling. His sibling was killed by a car. Preacher was very emaciated when found and has gained his weight back.   He is about 2 yrs old and weighs about 62 lbs. Preacher gets along with cats, dogs and loves people. He is crate trained and housetrained and he walks great on leash. His current foster home cannot continue to foster him. 


Location:  Burlington, NC



How could someone do this to an
innocent animal?

Name Buster
Breed: American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
Sex: Male
Color: Brendle
Size: med
Weight: 41 lbs
Estimated Age: 3 yrs old
Crate Trained: Yes
Housetrained: Yes 
Cats: Don't know
Dogs: yes
Kids: yes 
Livestock: don't know
Likes: walks and rides in the car an lots of love
Pet-Peeves: Buster isn't thrilled about the crate but does well
Favorite Toy: Hasn't figured out what toys are yet
Favorite Food: Any! was starved 
Favorite Walk: Loves any walk
Best Tricks: Learns very quickly
Activity Level: Med

You might ask yourself "What happened to Poor Buster?" It is hard to believe but he was drug behind a vehicle. Somehow he survived. AND still loves people. How could someone do this to an animal? Unfortunately, I cannot answer except to say whoever did this to Buster should be punished. He has received medical attention for the wounds on his back and had to be knocked out to have them cleaned. His wounds were about 2 weeks old when found stray by animal control. He had been wondering the streets with the wounds on his back and not one single person helped him until he was found in the middle of the street and taken to the local shelter. Will you be his angel? He gets along with children and other dogs.
Location:  Fayetteville, NC